Copper Through Hole and Copper Jumper

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EECO now offers Copper Jumper and Copper Through Hole Printed Circuit Boards. Based on the same silk screened techniques of our Silver Through Hole PCBs, the use of copper allows the user greater design flexibility and more potential applications for EECO-Green Printed Circuit Boards.

Copper jumpers are used to allow more complex circuit traces while maintaining the low cost and design simplicity of double-sided PCBs. Copper Through Hole technology is often used in circuits carrying higher current, or PCBs used in extreme environments such as automobiles.

Whether silver or copper is used in the design, all our EECO-Green Printed Circuit Boards are completely LEAD FREE and compatible with lead-free processes.

Contact any EECO Sales office to learn more about Copper Jumper and Copper Through Hole printed circuit boards, and how to convert your designs to EECO-Green technology.


  • Low Resistance
  • High Reliability
  • Low migration
  • Allows more complex circuits on double-sided PCBs
  • Applications include: Automotive, high performance audio, high current PCBs


  • Low Resistance
  • High Density Design Possibilities
  • Low Cost Alternative to PTH design
  • High Environmental Performance
  • Low Cost Alternative to PTH design
  • Applications include: HD/Digital TV, set-top boxes, RF remote controls, high current PCBs

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